JOIK Scented Sachet - Oriental Night

by: JOIK

A sensual aroma of orient where exotic amber, elegant frankincense and myrrh are layered with just a whisper of patchouli. The tiny top notes of rose and other lovely florals gently tickle your nose and drift softly into a musky background. JOIK scented sachet is a wonderful way to bring a nice aroma to small spaces like bathrooms, cars or cupboards and drawers.

net.wt. 30 gr. (Made in Estonia)


Remove sachet from the box and hang in a space you wish to scent (bathroom, car, cupboard or drawer, etc.)

Scented sachet is best suited to scent small spaces. For a larger space, we recommend JOIK reed diffusers.

For a better release of fragrance, shake the sachet occasionally. The aroma of a scented sachet lasts for approximately 2 months.

A small tip - once the sachet has almost lost its scent, open the bag and pour the small beads on the floor and vacuum in to scent the vacuum cleaner.

The scented sachet can damage textiles, wooden and plastic surfaces. If on skin, wash with soap and water. Keep away from children and pets.

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